Based out of St Louis, Nickels was an energetic, tight, very pro-outfit with a great  light
show  (Larry Boster, "Frenchy" Lagates). The group was lead by our bass player and
mentor, Frank Palliser,  and many of the band's alumni went on to successful musical
The Cheeters
Based in Madison, WI, The cheeters was a very pro group of four strong singers and musicians
and lead singer Ashley Harrington. The group played a very busy schedule of up to 250 dates a
year and had four top ten hit singles. One of the many high points of the band was 2
appearences on the nationally syndicated television show "Star Search".
Fire Town
Based in Madison, WI,  Fire Town started as a group of studio players getting together and
writing and recording an album which they released on their own label. The album received
rave reviews from critics and they were picked up by Atlantic records. The group later
morphed into the group "
Nicolette Larson
Based in Los Angeles,  Nicolette became a cultural icon as well as a household name with
her smash hit "Lotta Love" which was written by Neil Young. Nicolette continued to have
hits, receive awards and tour until her untimely death in 1997.
Marques Bovre and the Evil Twins
Based in Madson, WI,  Marques is one of the most prolific  "undiscovered"
singer/songwriter/lyricists that I know of.  After recording some 15 albums,  
continues to write and record amazing material.
Blackstone Reggae Allstars
Based in Madison, WI / Kingston, JA.,  This   multi-genre group was one of the first to
successfully fuse rock, blues and reggae. American blues rock guitarists colaborate with
Jamaican reggae veterans with many special guest players.
Daniel Smith
Based in Nashville, TN,  At it's best, country music rises above the fluid sounds of steel
guitars and quaint postcard images of home.  It finds wisdom in the commonplace, joy in the
absurd moment and strength in unblinking self-awareness.  This is
Daniel Smith's territory
and the landscape he shares with us.